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AI Strategy

AI Strategy

The era of AI is now, making so much possible for organisations today. Intelisense have invested heavily in AI & Data

Microsoft PowerBi

Microsoft PowerBi Fundamentals

This webinar is ideal for anyone beginning their PowerBi journey or for those that want a refresher.

CRM 101

CRM 101

In this first episode we will cover some of the basics of CRM, an overview of Microsoft D365 CRM modules

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric

This session is designed to unveil the power of Microsoft’s unified data management platform, Microsoft Fabric, and how it can revolutionise your approach to data.


SMART Manufacturing Engineering Week

Smart Manufacturing Engineering

Why Exhibit? 450+ Exhibitors Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week returns in 2024 over twice as big than the first edition

Digital Manufacturing Summit UK

Transform Industry brings you the 4th annual Digital Manufacturing Summit UK. This is a world-class manufacturing event which will explore


Discover How AI Can Transform Your Business

AI strategies for Manufacturing Excellence

Intelisense IT proudly presents an essential read for forward-thinkers in the manufacturing industry: “AI Strategies for Manufacturing Excellence”.

Microsoft's Pioneering Role in Future Advancements

Power Of Cloud ERP with AI

Intelisense IT presents an insightful eBook that guides businesses through the transformative journey of next-generation ERP systems. “Future of Possibilities with AI:

Transform Your Sales with AI-Driven CRM and Sales Automation

Transform Your Sales with AI-Driven CRM and Sales Automation

In today’s competitive landscape, small and medium businesses (SMBs) need to leverage every advantage they can get.

Case Studies

Engage Corp Founder

Empowering Growth with Intelisense IT Solutions

Engage Crop Solutions, a pioneer in the agricultural industry, specialises in the commercialisation and development of plant nutrition and bio stimulant products

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