Empowering Growth with Intelisense IT Solutions

Engage Crop Solutions, a pioneer in the agricultural industry, specialises in the commercialisation and development of plant nutrition and bio stimulant products. From its roots in the UK to its expansive commercial agreements overseas, Engage Crop Solutions has been on a remarkable journey of growth and innovation.


As Engage Crop Solutions ventured into international markets, the challenges of identifying customers, seizing opportunities, and enhancing sales and marketing effectiveness became paramount. The need for a robust solution to manage and nurture customer relationships while streamlining sales processes was clear.


Enter Intelisense IT and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Engage Crop Solutions sought a partnership with Intelisense IT to leverage Dynamics 365's comprehensive capabilities for customer relationship management (CRM) and sales optimisation. Intelisense IT not only implemented the solution but also provided extensive training and support, ensuring a seamless transition and adoption by the Engage team.


The adoption of Dynamics 365 transformed Engage Crop Solutions' approach to sales and marketing. The system's insights into business segments and lead management have been invaluable, offering unprecedented visibility into the sales pipeline. Moreover, the automation of marketing campaigns has streamlined outreach efforts, connecting Engage with potential customers more effectively than ever before.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Expertise

The relationship between Engage Crop Solutions and Intelisense IT is a testament to the power of collaboration. Mike Pantelli, representing Engage Crop Solutions, praises the Intelisense team for their knowledge, helpfulness, and swift response to challenges. The ongoing partnership, marked by post-implementation support and plans for future projects, underscores the satisfaction and trust Engage has in Intelisense IT.
The collaboration between Engage Crop Solutions and Intelisense IT was marked by mutual understanding and shared goals. A detailed training program was established, alongside agreed timelines and a go-live date. Intelisense IT's commitment to support and efficiency shone throughout the implementation process, aligning closely with Engage's business objectives.

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Engage Crop Solutions journey with Intelisense IT showcases the transformative impact of strategic IT solutions on business growth and operational efficiency. By embracing Dynamics 365 with the support of Intelisense IT, Engage has not only streamlined its sales and marketing processes but also strengthened its position in the competitive agricultural industry. The partnership between Engage Crop Solutions and Intelisense IT continues to flourish, driven by a shared commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer success.

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