Microsoft D365
CoPilot for Sales

Microsoft D365 CoPilot for Sales

Microsoft invest circa $20bn pa on R & D for Business Applications and with that investment we are witnesses a new breed of AI solutions that are easy to use and deliver tangible productivity.
Sales Copilot adds new capabilities to Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and D365 Sales, helping professional sales teams to increase their productivity, efficiency and personalise every customer engagement. And it works out of the box—not just with D365 Sales, but with Salesforce (SFDC), too.
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Why invest in Microsoft D365 CoPilot for Sales?

AI-generated lead and opportunity summaries to streamline your sales process and close deals faster. Sales Copilot uses generative AI to quickly summarise leads, sales details and opportunities for you.
Working with Intelisense IT for Microsoft D365 CoPilot for Sales ensures that businesses not only get a cutting-edge sales solution but also a reliable partner to guide them in maximising its potential.


  • A customer meeting preparation summary view that includes auto-generated summaries of previous meetings, recent notes, highlights of issues and concerns, and CRM information. Sales Copilot detects meetings coming up in the next 24 hours and offers a summary of recent email exchanges and the last three seller notes to help you prepare.


  • Collaboration spaces in Teams can easily be created from Sales Copilot in Outlook to help sellers stay better connected with their customers and colleagues.Customer email summary and follow-up, with contextual replies and actions based on Outlook emails and CRM data


  • Real-time tips and suggested answers during Teams meetings, prompted by the customer’s mention of a competitor or brand

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  • Expertise in Microsoft D365

    Intelisense IT possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in Microsoft D365 solutions, ensuring customers get the best out of the platform.

  • Personalised Solutions

    Intelisense IT customises the D365 CoPilot for Sales to align with each client's unique business requirements, ensuring a tailored solution.

  • Continuous Support

    Intelisense IT provides ongoing technical and functional support, ensuring businesses operate without disruptions and make the most out of the D365 CoPilot for Sales.

  • Cost-Effective

    Leveraging D365 CoPilot for Sales through Intelisense IT can lead to operational cost savings in the long run due to increased sales efficiency and minimised manual processes.

  • Scalable Solutions

    As businesses grow, the solutions offered by Intelisense IT can be scaled up to meet expanding needs.

  • Security and Compliance

    With a strong focus on security, Intelisense IT ensures that your data remains protected while also helping businesses stay compliant with industry-specific regulations.

  • Integrated Approach

    With their vast experience, Intelisense IT can seamlessly integrate D365 CoPilot with other business systems, streamlining operations and data flow.

  • Training and Onboarding

    Intelisense IT offers comprehensive training sessions, empowering teams to utilise the D365 CoPilot functionalities to the fullest.

  • Regular Updates

    Intelisense IT ensures that customers always have access to the latest features and improvements of D365 CoPilot for Sales, maintaining the system's relevance and efficiency.

  • Strategic Consultation

    Beyond technical support, Intelisense IT offers strategic consultation to align the software with broader business objectives, ensuring long-term success. We help customers achieve their desired business objectives.

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