Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

“We want to be the Number 1 Independent Microsoft Dynamics Partner in the UK.”
Mission of InteliSense
Value of InteliSense

Our Values

We have three core values that govern how we work with customers, partners, colleagues and the wider community, they are:
Professionalism –

This sits at the core of everything we do whether working with external customers & partners or servicing internal colleagues we accept and embrace the responsibility of our endeavours.

Integrity –

Our customers, partners and colleagues trust us to deliver the right experience for their scenarios.

Compassion –

We are tolerant and respectful to one another and deliver leadership through a humanistic lens.

Our Culture

Our values drive and shape our culture. Our team is hard working, committed to personal development and always willing to give back. We love having fun and have a strong team spirit that means we are always ready to support one another and our customers.

Everyone has a voice. We have developed and fostered a culture of openness, ambition, honesty and passion are what drive us every day. We are agile, courageous, and innovative, and we work hard to ensure that we deliver for our customers. As a leading independent in the Microsoft partner eco-system, we are proud to be described as a funky technology business that has retained that start-up fresh vibe.

We celebrate our differences. We are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. We are fully committed to ensuring all our team than enjoy and develop themselves.

We are keen to promote social mobility and creating opportunities for all strata’s of our society. We are proud of our apprentice program that has yielded 15+ fully certified technology professionals in the last 3 years.

Culture of InteliSense
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