Manufacturing Lite

Manufacturing Lite is a fixed fee ERP solution designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. The solution is built on Microsoft D365 F&SCM is powered and deployed by Intelisense IT, within a 90 days.

Your search for an end-to-end ERP solution ends here! Are you looking to.....

  • Find ONE unified system to replace the disparate and legacy systems that hamper your business growth.
  • Eradicate heavy manual processes to improve your finance workflows and control risk. 
  • Gain better visibility of all your data to throughout all processes to enable better decision making. 
  • Avoid the difficulty of adhering to sustainability/traceability compliance issues.

Based on our extensive experience organisations have also
experienced the following additional benefits

Better operational control to mitigate financial risk

Improve productivity with unified system & automated processes

Monitor supplier & internal sustainability metrics

Improve supply chain visibility

Improved data visibility for better decision making

Enable workforce transformation

Reduce complexity of Project based services

Improve financial analysis & reporting

Move from reactive to predictive operations

Why choose the manufacturing lite solution from Intelisense IT?

  • Rapid deployment enables enterprise grade fully operational ERP in 90 days, delivering fast ROI.
  • Fixed fee avoids project budget increases (excludes licenses)
  • Fixed scope and proven project methodology mitigates technical risk & scope creep, based on industry best practice process design
  • Integrates with all Microsoft Office & Cloud products
  • Access self-service customization with Microsoft low code solutions
  • Access additional modules for next phase functionality at discounted rate – All delivery team UK Based

All of the above with a fixed fee of £250K (excluding licences)
with a deployment time of within 90 days.
What more can you ask for!!

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