Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I get a price for my implementation at the very beginning of the engagement process?
Pricing is always dependent upon a detailed understanding of your functional & technical requirements. The more information that you share, the faster we can provide an indication on pricing.
2. Why can’t you show me a fully bespoke demo at the first meeting so I can decide if Microsoft D365 is right for our business?
We can provide a bespoke demo once we have a deep understanding of your scenario and requirements. The more we know and understand, the more tailored we can make your demo.
3. Why should I work with an independent solution integrator such as Intelisense over a much larger firm?
Our independence enables us to adopt a genuine customer-centric approach to working with customers insofar as we do not need to unnecessarily add margin to our pricing to satisfy investor requirements. It also means we are much more agile in our execution and able to work in a manner that suits our customers and their specific scenarios.
4. Why should I choose Microsoft D365 over different vendors such as SFDC, Oracle, or SAP?
Choosing the right vendor solution for your organisation is dependent upon a number of factors, such as your requirements, budget, business strategy, the current system, ease of use, functionality, end users, your IT Strategy, and much more. We always provide our customers with the best advice even if that means we say we cannot help them on this occasion.
We enjoy working with Microsoft because they invest over $20bn pa into R & D for their Cloud solutions alone; they always rate highly on independent analyst (such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant) assessments for innovation, functionality, and ease of use and all their business applications solutions integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft product such as Office, MS Teams, Mixed Reality and much more.
5. What are the benefits of having an ‘Out of the Box’ approach to my implementation over customisation?
Your system solution is always dependent upon your genuine business requirements—experienced implementation partners, such as Intelisense, always advice customers to keep the solution simple where possible. Microsoft typically adds new features (up to 8 times a year) across the year to all Business Application solutions meaning that the standard functionality (Out of The Box) is very powerful, and as the process flows are designed from industry best practice, many customers no longer need to heavily customise their systems.
6. Are all your staff based in the UK?
No, our team is spread across 3 locations, but all of our senior Solution Architects, Functional Leads, Support Managers, and Leadership team are based in the UK. The rest of the team who work in our international locations all work UK hours and have excellent English verbal and written skills.
7. Is Dynamics 365 only available in the cloud, or can I host it on-premises?
While the primary deployment option is in the cloud, Microsoft does offer an on-premises version of Dynamics 365 for customers who require it.
8. Can I customise Dynamics 365 to suit my business processes?
Yes, Dynamics 365 is highly customizable. You can configure and extend the system to align with your unique business processes using tools like Power Platform, Power Apps, and Power Automate.
9. Is it possible to integrate Dynamics 365 with other software and systems we use?
Yes, Dynamics 365 offers robust integration capabilities. You can connect it to other Microsoft products and third-party applications and even build custom integrations using APIs and connectors.
10. Can I access Dynamics 365 on mobile devices?
Yes, Dynamics 365 provides mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to access the system and perform tasks on smartphones and tablets. This includes Advanced warehouse management applications, Retail POS, and Back office out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 clients.
11. What are the biggest challenges that customers face with a digital transformation?
From our experience, some of these challenges include people impact and having a change plan for how your team will adopt changes, resource availability (internal Subject Matter Experts) for the project team SME’s are key to the success of an implementation, and of course, they have a day job so back filling their roles during implementation can be a challenge for customers. Another common challenge is communication; it is critical to success that the internal Executive Sponsor has a communication strategy in place to ensure progress and challenges are shared across the organisation as this type of work is not an IT project but rather an organisational wide
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