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At InteliSense IT, we have years of experience in developing and implementing IT solutions to support organisations that supply and use medical equipment. And, once our solutions are in service, we stay with users through integration, migration and support.

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These days, the provision of leading healthcare services often relies on sophisticated equipment and computerised systems. So much depends on knowing how medications, products, equipment and supplies are distributed, used and replenished.

When we work with you, we’ll start with a holistic view that reaches across your tracking regime – from the policies governing it to the real-time status of your field technicians. Our analysis will identify distribution issues, capture test-and-trace reporting requirements for any equipment and then serve to underpin our efforts to build not just a solution but a forward path of continuous improvement.

The result for you will be more reliability, stronger compliance, higher efficiency and ultimately help enable better care outcomes for patients. 

Providing Support in the Medical Devices Sector

When you manufacture, supply, lease or service medical equipment, you need to know how the equipment is being used, stored, tracked, maintained and calibrated – as well as its warranty status and expected replacement date. Often, lives depend on keeping sensitive, expensive and complex equipment in A1 condition at all times.

At InteliSense IT, we’re deeply experienced in developing IT solutions to support the use, service and control of medical devices. And, once we’ve developed your solution, we’ll deliver, implement, integrate, migrate and support you as you adopt it. 

When we work together, our first step will be to survey the relevant legislation, regulations and device manuals. From this base, we can identify, design and implement the optimal solution for your needs. After this, we will stay in touch to support you as you adopt and customise the solution.

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Our past work in the healthcare sector includes one of our flagship projects:

  • Inivos – introduction of serial and batch controlled items to capture data for full traceability of high-end equipment and consumables.


The medical devices sector accounts for one of our most high profile clients:

  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies – implementation of 3PL Integration with batch/serial level control.


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