Introduction to D365F & SCMdata in Azure synapse link for Dataverse

D365F & SCMdata in Azure synapse link for dataverse
Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse is a single experience to integrate all dynamics data used for analytics, this feature allows you to run near real-time analytics on your operational data in Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse) without the need for complex data movement or ETL processes. This feature is designed to enable organizations to gain insights from their operational data quickly.
You may choose data from finance and operations apps using Microsoft Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse which continuously export data from finance and operations apps into Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 using Azure Synapse Link.
Synapse link for dataverse is a One-click experience to export data from dataverse into Azure synapse . It continuously replicates custom or standard tables to synapse analytics. It allows you to link or unlink the D365F&SCMenvironment with Azure Synapse Analytics andor Data Lake Storage Gen2 in your Azure subscription without the need for any additional tools or settings.
Previously, this functionality supported data exporting from other Dynamics 365 and Power Apps applications, and Microsoft announced the addition of Finance and Operations in the latest edition.
The existing technology such as Bring Your Own Database (BYOD) and Export to DataLake must be replaced with “Synapse Link for Dataverse”.It is intended to unify the methods for exporting data from the Dynamics 365 platform regardless of whether it is D365CE or D365F&SCM. Using the new feature, you will be able to easily scale, maintain high availability, and restore data in the event of a disaster.

Features of Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse D365F&SCMData

  • You have the option of using standard or custom finance and operations entities and tables.
  • Support continuous replication of data and transactions such as Create, Update and Delete are also supported.
  • No need to use the Azure portal or Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services to configure the system to link or unlink the environment from synapse analytics.
  • Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse does not apply the table limits in the Export to Data Lake service.
  • Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse supports all functionalities. These features include global availability, Parquet Delta file storing, and limited storage accounts
  • By default, saving in Parquet Delta Lake format is enabled for finance and operations data, so that query response times are faster.

Transition from Export to data lake to Synapse link for dataverse

In the past, Synapse Link moved Dataverse data to your storage account, but now Export to Azure Data Lake is required for F&O data. There are additional tools necessary to process data from this additional pipeline, such as CDMUtil, and also CSV files have performance limitations.
The addition of Synapse Link to Dataverse and F&O data means that a single tool is available that can handle delta lake and parquet data. Using OneLake shortcuts, users can access Synapse and PowerBI without copying or inputting data. There are two main options to choose from to export data from D365F&SCMusing synapse link, i.e. Either as a CSV format or as Parquet or Delta format. CSV format option works same as in ‘Export to Data Lake’ feature where data will be stored in data lake in CSV format and can then use downstream application to create pipelines for data consumption. Whereas Parquet/Delta improves efficiency, query performance, and supports ACID transactions in addition to schema drift. You will need to create a “Synapse Workspace” and an Apache Spark pool within your Azure subscription to perform this conversion from CSV to Delta format.

Synapse link with Microsoft Fabric

The direct connectivity between Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Fabric enables organisations to expand their Power Apps and Dynamics 365 corporate apps and business processes into Fabric. The Power Apps Link to Microsoft Fabric functionality makes all Dynamics 365 and Power Apps data available in Microsoft OneLake, the built-in data lake for Microsoft Fabric. Synapse Link for Dataverse now integrates directly with Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.You may choose data and open Microsoft Fabric with a few clicks. There are no data copies or ETL schedules to worry about. The system handles all configuration and data transfer. The solution also creates an Azure Synapse lakehouse, a SQL endpoint, and a basic Power BI dataset using your data, saving you hours and days of labour.This option is currently enabled for public preview by Microsoft.

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