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Here at InteliSense IT, we’re Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts. With decades of combined experience working with Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions, we’re able to implement, train and support your upgrade to Dynamics 365.

We’ve made it our business to take the stress out of Dynamics 365 implementation. Whether you’re an old hand or a new convert, we can support your transition to this world-leading solution.

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Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 ERP for Finance and Operations

Effective finance and operations are the bedrock of any strong business. Dynamics 365 ERP for Finance and Operations is the tool of choice to build out, track and control the proper workflows and cashflows for your organisation. With Dynamics 365 ERP for Finance and Operations you’re able to manage your procurement, sales, logistics, projects, financials, productions, service, business administration and more – all within the cloud. Simply, it ensures you can make the right strategic and tactical business decisions faster and more effectively.

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Dynamics 365 ERP for Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management is essential for the running of a successful business. It’s why so many successful businesses rely on the brilliance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Supply Chain. Through it, you can respond quickly to customer issues, predict demand, optimise and automate stock, reduce equipment downtime and more. Flexible enough to be effective in small firms right out to nation-spanning logistics networks, Dynamics 365 ERP for Supply Chain is your holistic answer to managing the process of order fulfilment and resourcing.

Sound like something your company could benefit from? Get in touch today to see how ERP for Supply Chain can help you better manage your processes.

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Supply Chain Management
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Human Resources

Dynamics 365 ERP for Human Resources

Employees are the backbone of any successful company. This means managing them should be your top priority. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for HR is your one-stop solution to doing just that. With it, you can automate workflows, track attendance and holidays, maintain employee records and more. No more double-booked leave or missing qualifications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for HR keeps everything up to date and at your fingertips.

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Dynamics 365 ERP for Retail

Retail businesses and retail-facing departments present many unique challenges. This is why Microsoft has developed a specific suite of tools to help businesses manage their retail and commerce activities. With Dynamics 365 ERP for Retail, you’re offered omnichannel commerce across your e-commerce, in-store, back office and call centre – as well as any emerging channels.

If that’s what you need, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you implement Dynamics 365 ERP for retail.

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