ERP and CRM solutions for the manufacturing sector

Manufacturers who digitize their operation to focus on a client centric world deliver better results through modern technology, artificial intelligence, internet of things, analytics and understanding of data.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Advanced Manufacturing delivers those technologies for success.  

The world of Manufacturing continuously evolves at a dramatic pace. 

Boundaries between supplier, manufacturer, and customer are blurring and long-term, mutually beneficial alliances are formed.  Suppliers are taking more responsibility for their customers’ profitability by ensuring that raw materials arrive at the factory just as they are needed in the manufacturing process. Raw materials are globally sourced, goods are produced in strategic locations around the world for labour or governance reasons and sold worldwide. To enable these complex operations to all run smoothly, technology that has the right data, artificial intelligence, and analytical tools supply powerful insights to make better decisions for manufacturing companies to thrive. 

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Your IT Solutions Partner in the Manufacturing & Distribution Industry

At InteliSense IT, we’re deeply experienced in developing ERP, eCommerce and CRM solutions for companies in manufacturing distribution. And once developed, we deliver, implement, integrate, migrate and support these new systems to boost your business effectiveness and operational efficiency. 

When we work with you, we’ll examine your data configuration, analyse processes, implement appropriate solutions and review for continuous improvement. The result: increased customer satisfaction and an improved bottom line.

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To date, our satisfied manufacturing distribution clients include:

  • Igus – implementation of master planning to ensure stock levels remain within a specified range
  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) – warehouse management and 3PL to guide outsourcing operational logistics
  • Hill Smith – warehouse management and 3PL to guide outsourcing operational logistics.
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