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360° Customer Service Commitment

InteliSense IT offers a very comprehensive and successful customer service programs. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that all your current and future IT needs will be met with timely, courteous, and professional support. Our customer-first approach is simple, yet effective. We believe in personal service and are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience at every level of our engagement with your organisation.

As a customer, you benefit from a dedicated, local services team. InteliSense IT account executives and business managers strive to be your innovative and trusted advisors, and our management team members are always available to assist in solution management and project delivery.

InteliSense IT Client Support Centre

The InteliSense IT Client Support Centre (CSC) is your help line for timely answers to your Microsoft Dynamics related questions. The CSC is comprised of professional, experienced agents who understand the importance of your business and can provide the service you deserve.

Why InteliSense IT is best for you?

InteliSense IT has Managed Services & Helpdesk Support

Your managed IT service and support partner from helpdesk to cybersecurity.  At InteliSense IT, we believe in supporting our clients, because we believe in our clients.

InteliSense IT Provides Comprehensive Support To Your Business

Setting up comprehensive IT infrastructure is only step one on the path to a holistic IT solution. Without continued management and support, you could be left trying to run a system that no longer supports the business. At InteliSense IT, our leading managed service and support offering is there to prevent this happening.

We go above and beyond because we believe in supporting our clients however and wherever we can. Therefore, we’ve developed a comprehensive help desk capability to ensure you always have a safety net to fall back on.

Our help desk isn’t a call centre for logging tickets. Backed by a comprehensive skills matrix, we match your issue with the right person for the job. Then we follow up to ensure no issue remains unresolved.

This level of proactive service also extends to systems checks, project management, test management and cybersecurity. Simply put, our goal is giving you the sense of trust that your IT infrastructure is in good hands … so that you can get on with running your business.”

InteliSense IT is Not Your Typical Helpdesk

The greatest IT infrastructure in the world is worth little without the proper support to enable its users. This is where InteliSense IT help desk comes in.We’ve developed a comprehensive support solution to ensure you are never left frustrated or stranded by your systems. From implementation to training to resolving issues as they arise, we strive to go the extra mile.

If you’re looking for a support partner that offers vastly more than the usual “call centre logging service tickets”, then contact InteliSense IT today.

Regular System Health Checks

Every system must undergo checks and maintenance to ensure inefficiencies are dealt with before they negatively affect a company. An IT systems health check identifies any inconsistencies or irregularities that might be causing an organisation’s IT solution to operate ineffectively. This can not only improve your overall efficiency, but it can also help your bottom line.

Looking to improve your company’s IT efficiency? Book in for a system health check with InteliSense IT today.

Project Management Expertise

Businesses run on systems and solutions built by effectively launching and delivering on strategic projects. This means that effective
project management is essential for growth. However, when it’s an IT project, the degree of technical difficulty increases dramatically. This is where InteliSense IT comes in. We can help you manage your IT-based projects, thus enabling you to achieve the necessary outcomes on time and on budget.

Need to get your projects back on track? Get in touch today to see how InteliSense IT can help you.

The InteliSense IT Advantage

 Having implemented business solutions for many customers, InteliSense IT has extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics applications. Our highly trained customer support team and consultants work together to provide you with the answers you need – when you need them. After your Dynamics “go-live” your dedicated on-site consultants turn over your project information to our agents who have the information at the ready when you require assistance.

Last year alone, over 96% of the support requests handled by our Customer Support Line were resolved during the first call. And when you need more than telephone support, your customer support team member can schedule a visit from field consultants who are already familiar with your company, your needs, and your implementation.

We deliver exceptional customer service, every time